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IT Support

Smooth running IT systems to keep your business working


Around the clock support to get you back to work

Our 24-hour IT support means you can be rest assured that your systems will not be down for long. Our straight forward, no-nonsense approach to solving any issue, no matter how small or big, ensures that you will be back to business in no time at all. We are confident that we can resolve 95% of your issues remotely and if we can’t, we will get to you in no time at all!


Proactive Maintenance

Like the proverbial Emu with its head in the sand, there is no point in ignoring the possibility an existing issue that could be identified and resolved before it causes you immense grief.  Speak to us about preventative methods to safeguard your IT systems where we can provide intelligent monitoring and proactive response to any threats.

Disaster Recovery

It’s a fact that no systems are infallible and even if disasters happen rarely, there is no reason not to have a plan. We have the expertise and tools to create a strategy for server backup and recovery so that we can minimise the impact should the worst happen.


Your data security is paramount to you which means it’s important  to us too so we have a range of preventative software such as  firewalling, backup, anti- virus and anti-spam to protect your business.