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Who we are

Lighthouse IT, based in Ayrshire, Scotland, has been providing excellent IT support to businesses and government bodies nationwide and across the globe since 2001. We have made a name for ourselves delivering accurate IT solutions in a very straightforward and approachable manner.

What we do

We work hard to understand your challenges and requirements so we can give you tailored packages to suit your business needs. We don’t like overwhelming you with unnecessary products and services and will advise you on the best support to suit the size of your business and budget.

Why use us

There are many IT providers out there and we respect them. However, we have been on the go for some time now and have built a long list of loyal customers. We work hard daily and take pride in helping our customers solve and maintain their IT systems effectively. It helps that we love what we do!


An IT company with a different approach

At Lighthouse, we don’t just support your IT, we become part of your team. We are IT experts who find the best solutions to your IT challenges.

Working with private and public sectors, we bring you tailored, well thought out IT support and consultancy services to make your business systems and communications run smoothly. Wherever you are in the UK or globally and whatever the size of business, our varied products and services, including those in our specialist marine support division, will help ensure more linear operations.

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