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Who we are

Ayrshire-based IT provider serving a global market


Lighthouse IT, based in Ayrshire, Scotland, has been providing excellent IT support to businesses and government bodies nationwide and across the globe since 2001. We have made a name for ourselves delivering accurate IT solutions in a very straightforward and approachable manner. Our technology and know-how allows us to seamlessly support our clients all over the world.

In 2009, we ventured into the marine support sector, lending our expertise to the luxury marine market and adding some of the world’s largest super yachts to our expanding pool of projects.

Whether you are a local door manufacturer or the owner of a multi-million pound yacht on the other side of the world, we make sure we communicate with you in jargon-free language and get the job done accurately, efficiently and to your satisfaction. After all, isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Our engineers are available at all times to give you the best service and to make sure that your systems are running smoothly always. The fact that our clients have stayed with us through all this time is not a coincidence.